It’s December!

The day has come! Today is the start of the month of December, and it’s probably one of the most busiest times of the year. It’s the month that countdowns for everything start: countdown to Christmas, the last day of school, and to the end of the year.

Here’s some of what December has in store for this year… from a college student’s perspective.

Too much coursework!

Everyone goes home for Thanksgiving Break, but it really is just like a tease. Nobody really gets any homework or studying done, and then it ends all too quickly! And, welcome back to college! Here’s more work in the next few weeks than you had since the semester started. The fact that you’re in a lazy, non-productive mode when you return is no big help either. So we primarily get research papers to do. Fabulous.

True story.


Stress central shall begin! By the sound of it, my college is going to implement 24-hour quiet time in the dorm buildings. Thanks goodness! The fact that the library is on the other side of campus relative to where I live isn’t to appealing this time of year…

End of the Fall Semester

After surviving the deluge of work upon our return, and taking all those darn finals, the semester ends. And Winter Break shall be awesome this year. It’s the holidays, your friends (regardless to where they go to college) usually all come home, and the break lasts for about a month. I know it’s probably going to fly by, but might as well take it in day-by-day.

Cold Weather

This year, we had a blizzard in October. Then we had moderate to warm days in November. Who knows what December will bring! But one thing’s for sure: it’s colder. Much colder. Mikey Dunn is not

a fan of the cold. (I blame it on my Filipino genes.)

Cookies Cookies Cookies

Cold weather is a good excuse to bake stuff in the house. Like cookies, pies, cookies, cookies, cake, cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Cookies.

Warm Drinks

Bring out the cider, the peppermint lattes, holiday roast coffee, and hot chocolate!

Pearl Harbor Day/Mikey Dunn’s B-Day

Not many people remember that December 7th is the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor back in 1941. On the other hand, I have no choice; it’s the day I was born. And having a birthday in December isn’t all too great either. All my family really does is eat cake and pass cards. No big parties or presents… yet. Christmas is around the corner…


Now it is fitting for Christmas to explode onto the scene. The music, decorations, lights, Christmas trees, caroling, shopping, parties, parades, etc. all can happen now. For me, nothing bothers me more than hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving even happens. (Justin Bieber, now I dislike you even more.)

New Years Eve

With Christmas over with, New Years is like the cherry on the sundae. Staying up late, eating food, and gathering around with friends screaming as the ball drops in Times Square is always a good time.


My question to YOU is: What are you most excited about this December? Let me know in the comments!

Please leave me a comment~! ^^

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