Around the World

Yes! Daft Punk! Before David Guetta, there was (and still is) Daft Punk. And they’re both French DJs that make awesome music. Take a listen! The best part is when he says “around the world” …

So we’re going nostalgic again with this pick, 1997. Before even Lady Gaga, I guess music videos were weird and Daft Punk’s creation above is a good example.

What actually led me to choose this song as this week’s pick is quite funny actually.

So I like watching videos on YouTube, and I was watching an episode of “Lunchtime with Smosh.” Well, while they eat a pizza, Ian and Anthony suggest their audience to look up the lyrics to this song (“Around the World”).

I was stupid and looked up the lyrics to the song on YouTube. If you don’t get the joke by now, “around the world” are the only lyrics of the whole song. It repeats. A lot.

But it’s still a good song! Usually I can’t stand songs with constant repetition. Again, it’s the beat! Just so infectious and make you wanna get up and groove ‘n stuff.

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