Ever since “Super Bass,” I’ve been a Nicki Minaj fan. I know that some people find her annoying, but I think she is a talent in her own unique way. Her recent David Guetta collaboration of “Turn Me On” is a great tune, but I’ve been interested about what’s in store on her new upcoming album called “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.”

Now that promotional single “Stupid H**” may have been hated by most of her fan base (I actually thought it was catchy), and her Grammy Awards performance of “Roman’s Holiday” was kooky and controversial, but her official first single of “Starships” is something entirely different. Take a listen by checking out the video below. And about this video: it’s not an official lyric video, but it’s quite well-done! I’ve always been one for typography 😀

Advisory: Video contains language that may be offensive.

Now everyone agrees that it’s not original at all; I’m feeling a little “California Gurls” inspiration here. However, it’s very well produced and obviously appeals to the masses. Minaj is as bubbly as ever in her lyrics and performance, and I love the dance breakdown after the “starships” chorus. This song makes me want to get up and dance, just like Katy Perry’s latest contender “Part of Me,” which was my song pick last week.

Good job Nicki. I’m still a fan. See you on April 3rd.

2 thoughts on “Starships

  1. I hated Super Bass. It was your generic pop song… I honestly don’t get how people think it’s “catchy” ugh. I liked Turn Me On though! Nicki’s own work are mediocre pop… but her collaboration with other people are awesome (Kanye West’s Monster, Xtina’s Woohoo, BoB’s Outta My Mind, Birdy’s Y.U. Mad etc etc,,,)

    Stupid Hoe was a disaster. I don’t care if it’s supposed to be a “diss” to Kim. But I liked the lyrics “I’m Angelina you Jennifer, c’mon bitch, you see where ya Brad at” haha

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