Zero Gravity

I actually discovered this song somewhat unintentionally. I think I was watching the ‘Starships’ music video when I saw this in the related videos bar, or something like that.

So I clicked and watched the video, and what a pleasant surprise, another decent pop song! A less mainstream one nonetheless.

The singer, Kerli, isn’t exactly from around here. Well, she now resides in Los Angeles, but she’s originally from Estonia (which is in Europe). According to the all-mighty Wikipedia, she was discovered and signed-on by L.A. Reid. I really like her voice and her style. A lot of people keep comparing her to Gaga, but I don’t see the exact resemblance at all. I think her style more-so reflects Alice in Wonderland, at least in this music video.

This song is danceable, but the beat doesn’t not overshadow her vocals one bit. She can sing, quite well.

So what do you think of Kerli? Leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “Zero Gravity

  1. LOL I forgot about this gal. xD I remembered her when she released “Walking On Air”… it was alright I guess, but I liked Love Is Dead the most. Tea Party was “eh” for me but OMG I need to know the guy in 1:20 HE’S SO HOT!! *coughs* Anywaaays, the impression that I got of her from most of her music videos is that she seemed really “restrained” by her record group… reminded me of what happened with Lady Gaga and Island Def Jam (same record group as Kerli), since Gaga made a song about it (“Paper Gangsta”)


  2. I love Kerli! She’s been around for awhile, but she’s not well-known in the U.S. Kerli writes all of her own music and she definitely has a very positive, heartfelt message. Her “Tea Party” music video is very Alice in Wonderland, so you hit the nail on the head with that comparison. Zero Gravity is some of her best work. 🙂


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