Orenchi no Furo Jijou

9 Thoughts on ‘Orenchi no Furo Jijou’


By Mikey Dunn

Orenchi no Furo Jijou (オレん家のフロ事情), literally meaning “The Circumstances in My Home’s Bathtub,” is a short anime series about a high school boy named Tatsumi who allows a merman named Wakasa to live in his bathtub. You can imagine that this is no ordinary set up for a show.

There is a total of 13 episodes, and they’re only about 4 minutes each. You can watch it (subbed) on Crunchyroll. I recommend it if you like comedy and/or BL or yaoi-ish anime. If you loved Free!, you’ll definitely like OreFuro. Tatsumi has the same voice actor as Haru; Takasu has the same voice actor as Makoto.

I personally loved this cute little series. My friend Emma and I would always get excited over #MermanMonday and watch episodes together in college.

*Spoilers Below*

The final episode of Orenchi no Furo Jijou aired today. As expected, it was adorable, but now the short series is over. Here are 10 thoughts I had about the show overall…

9. The rubber duck’s VA was hilarious

It took us a while to figure out that the intimidating voice at the end of most episodes was supposed to be the rubber duck, Ahiru-chan!

8. The amount of chibi used in the show is perfect

Wakasa and Tatsumi

This is a comedy, and half the time the characters were in chibi form, but it only made it more adorable, which was appropriate.

7. “The Circumstances of Halloween at My House” was my favorite episode

Ask Emma herself, I rewatched this episode a zillion times over instead of working on the coursework I was supposed to be doing. They were too adorable!


6. Takasu was my favorite character


Who knew that the octopus would become my favorite character! Well, he was voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who voiced Makoto Tachibana in the Free! series…

5. Episode 3 was… interesting

Takasu performed his, um, tentacle massage on Tatsumi, but that’s NOT what it seemed like at first!

4. All of the characters were really likable and adorable

Even the super-negative snail Maki turned out to be a likable friend in the bunch.

3. We need more

This was supposed to be a short series, BUT the manga is still ongoing. Given that it seems like a lot of swimming anime fans migrated over to Orenchi once Free! ES ended (aka me), maybe the ratings alone will push a second season?

2. We all complained that 4 minutes wasn’t long enough

As we became more attached to the characters, it seemed like episodes were getting shorter and shorter.

1. We will never understand the opening

The opening theme was so serious. The tone, the music, the emotions… everything about it was exactly the opposite of what the show really was. Or was it supposed to be symbolic? The fandom quickly picked up that it was trolling on Asahi Production’s part, but I thought that maybe the show would randomly get dark toward the end. Luckily, Episode 12 was the darkest it got!

What did you think about Orenchi no Furo Jijou? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

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