How Taylor Swift Dominated 2014

Source: ABC/Lou Rocco

I’m very late to the party, but I finally got my hands on a copy of Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989. I don’t think I can be considered a “Swiftie” yet, but since I’m a fan of all things pop, it’s no surprise that I like T. Swizzle’s music. I’ll admit, I blasted “22” on my 22nd birthday last year.

Highlights of 1989 for me are definitely “Blank Space,” “Shake It Off,” and “Welcome to New York.” My commute to NYC every Thursday now has an official theme song!

It seems like Taylor was the most successful celebrity of 2014. The numbers definitely support that. With 1989, she became the first artist to have three albums sell one million or more copies in a week. The album sold 1.287 million copies in one week. That makes it the most successful record debut since 2002.

So if 2014 was the year of Swift, what exactly happened?

She Moved to Manhattan

Dimitrios Kambouris/LP5/Getty Images for TAS

In March 2014, Swift bought a $20 million apartment in New York City. The 7 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom pad was formerly owned by Peter Jackson (director of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films) and is located in the Tribeca district of lower Manhattan. Taylor obviously used the space to continue writing music, but she also reportedly opened it up to her fans for private jam sessions.

1989 Was Pure Pop

Red definitely had some influence, but 1989 was 100% pop. This is why I think it was so successful. I know I’m not the only one who officially became a fan with this album. People who wanted to get into her music (but weren’t into country) now had a reason to do so. No wonder it was the best selling album of 2014.

She addressed the haters

The album’s first single “Shake It Off” was acclaimed for many reasons, one of them being her willingness to fend off the haters. Taylor was aware what the tabloids said about her, and she may not be much of a dancer, but she didn’t let that bother her.


Since I’m a marketing professional, I follow a lot of marketing news online. There were a ton of articles published on how Taylor ingeniously made herself a social media princess in order to promote her album. Not many celebs are on Tumblr, but she is. And it’s not her staff running it; I really believe that it’s her. As a Tumblr junkie myself, I think this is just plain awesome.

She was in The Giver

David Bloomer/The Weinstein Company

The role may have been small, but the novel-turned-film also had big names such as Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. (Great book and good movie, btw)

Goodbye Spotify


This was pretty big. Not many artists out there just outright dump Spotify. It’s a long story, but to sum it up, Swift argued that the service’s policies and royalties don’t reflect the true value of an artist’s work.

Embracing the word ‘feminist’

Quoted from The Guardian:

“As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means. For so long it’s been made to seem like something where you’d picket against the opposite sex, whereas it’s not about that at all. Becoming friends with Lena – without her preaching to me, but just seeing why she believes what she believes, why she says what she says, why she stands for what she stands for – has made me realize that I’ve been taking afeminist stance without actually saying so.”


A lot of people can talk all about her exes, but many forget about Taylor’s philanthropic efforts. Toward the end of the year, she bought lots of presents for her fans, brought them to her apartment, and packed them into FedEx boxes herself. And she went all out: she browsed the fans’ social media accounts to figure out what they actually wanted and included handwritten notes with each gift. Imagine if all celebrities did this!

How Taylor will take over 2015…

Now Taylor’s on track to take over the world in 2015. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but she is officially going on tour. In May 2015, Taylor will kick off the “1989 World Tour” at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. I think it’s safe to predict that the tour will be one of the highest grossing of 2015.

Do you agree with me, or am I way off? Are you a ‘Swiftie?’ What’s your favorite 1989 track? Tell me in the comments below!

More awesome Taylor Swift moments from 2014: 18 Times Taylor Swift Was Right About Everything In 2014 via Buzzfeed

One thought on “How Taylor Swift Dominated 2014

  1. Oh wow, I never knew she did such a thing to her fans! That’s really informative. I’m even more impressed with her now. I’ve never been a huge fan of her (idk, she seemed really “whiny” about her relationships even when compared to other singers) but Blank Space and Shake It Off were really impressive and I started seeing her in a different light. I might just give her new album a go!

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