Grace Helbig: From YouTube to TV

Image: Richard McBlane

It’s 7:53 pm on Monday, January 5, and #GraceHelbigProject is the second highest trending hashtag on Twitter. So what’s happening? Oh, it happened! Grace Helbig is officially going to have her own TV show called The Grace Helbig Project on E!

Side note: Many sources say it’s a working title, but E!’s official post used it as if it were official.

Not to mention, she also went to my alma mater, so I’m feeling extra proud! Someday, I hope to meet her in person. As the magic conch shell would say, Maybe some day…

The comedy show will debut this April and will feature a mix of pop culture and celebrity interviews. What I’m particularly excited about is the integration of social media into the program, where fans can help her shape the show. If you watch itsGrace, you totally know about Grace’s expertise with integrating her audience into her content.

Since I’m an aspiring vlogger myself, it’s no surprise that I subscribe to many YouTubers out there. But Grace is different. Her humor is original and unscripted, and I love it. She’s a pure improv comedy talent.

I love how YouTuber Ausin Null put it:

Here’s what Grace had to say herself:

“Congratulations to E! for giving an Internet-obsessed introvert a talk show. I’m looking forward to working with humans.”

Grace Helbig: YouTube name with 2 million subscribers, Camp Takota movie star, and New York Times bestselling author. How can you not love her?

Are you a Grace Helbig fan? How has she inspired you with your life? Let me know in the comments!

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