My #FirstTweet

Twitter Feed 2015

The other day I discovered that you can actually use a “Discover” feature by Twitter to easily see your very own #FirstTweet. I went ahead and typed in my handle and what do you know…

I was either a victim of what Dave Kerpen calls “cereal syndrome,” or what Andrew Keen refers to as “social narcissism,” or maybe I was being witty. But one thing’s for sure: I do remember eating cereal that day..

I initially signed up to help promote my vlogs and follower other YouTubers, but soon I would be using Twitter as my go-to news source, a place to talk to the anime community about latest episodes, a way to connect to my favorite brands, and as a vital platform I would use in my marketing career.

Find out what your #FirstTweet was here, and you can even check out other people’s first tweets by typing in their handles. Some interesting ones are below!

Oops, too long Gaga. But hey, at least she wrote it herself!

Hello, Bill Gates.

With over 2 million followers, I think you’ve figured it out, Joey!

One of my favorite brands on Twitter only got 4 favorites for their #FirstTweet!

I’m confused. Someone please explain this to me.

Oprah was REALLY excited, and honestly, so was I!

Awwww, poor kitty.

GOLDEN, Ellen.

Why am I not surprised.

Why did you first join Twitter? What was your first tweet? Let me know in the comments!

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