Graduating College After Graduating College


This Friday, I will walk across the stage of the Prudential Center, shake President Mercer’s hand, get a photo taken, receive that empty diploma holder thing, and then walk off stage. But here’s the thing: I already graduated.

The simple explanation is that I graduated from Ramapo College a semester early in December 2014. The combination of college credit from high school with a couple of summer courses helped me knock off a semester. It was a decision that wasn’t the easiest to make (I lost a semester living on-campus with my friends), but it was definitely the right choice.

After technically graduating in December, I continued my social media marketing internship in New York City for another month while applying for as many marketing jobs as I could find. Being a fresh college graduate, however, put me at a disadvantage of not having the five years of experience minimum that these companies wanted. But then an opportunity presented itself in February: a full-time Community Manager was leaving the company. After 13 months of interning, I was in!

Then about two months later, sometime in late April, my diploma came in the mail.

The past few weeks have been a bit busy adjusting to commuting and working full-time in the city, all while gathering all the things I need for the big day. I’ve got my gown, cords, stoles, etc. I think that’s everything.

I still need to get a haircut sometime before then, but a bulk of the preparations are done.

I am so grateful to find a job so quickly after graduating. Although I’ve already had a taste of life-after-college, I’m very excited for what’s in store.

What was graduating like? Whether it was from middle school, high school, college, or grad school! Let me know your story in the comments.

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