Relaunching My Blog and My Vlog


Running a personal YouTube vlog channel and WordPress blog is definitely something I want to do, but it certainly has taken me some time to figure how exactly I wanted to do it. Ideas and plans change, and I definitely got busy.

Unfortunately, I stopped making videos and blogging since starting my new job, but now that the graduation ceremony is done and I’m settled at work, it’s about time to relaunch TheMikeyDunn.

The hardest part for me was figuring out a schedule in which to post the content, and then more difficult will be staying consistent to that schedule. But I’ve got a plan: two blog posts, one vlog video, and one live-stream (via Periscope) each week. Now I just have to stick with it.

I guarantee you that a lot of my Periscope streams will be of my new kitten, Chester. (Search #ChesterJournal on Twitter and Instagram for updates!)

June is when it begins. June is now. I’m excited.

Please leave me a comment~! ^^

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