ICYMI: TumblrTV & Snapchat Update

TumblrTV Snapchat.001

There are two things you may have missed last week: the release of TumblrTV and a significant Snapchat update. The first is a gif viewer that allows you to surf through Tumblr’s world of gifs, while the Snapchat update gives our thumbs a break.


Tumblr is credited for pioneering the gif movement among social media. If Giphy and Google Images fail in your search for a gif, Tumblr probably won’t let you down. TumblrTV is a fun new way to discover gifs. Similar to GiphyTV, TumblrTV is a full-screen presentation of gifs that you can surf through, and you can access it at tumblr.com/tv

The gifs that show up at first are random and pulled from anywhere on the site, but TumblrTV also allows you to refine the search. So if you want to see gifs from a particular blog, just add their username to the end of the url. For example, tumblr.com/tv/@themikeydunn will show you gifs from my very own Tumblr blog (expect anime and weirdness).

And to take things even further, you can search for tags too. You can use the search bar at the top of the screen or just add the tag to the end of the url (e.g. tumblr.com/tv/cats). As cool and fun as this new piece of Tumblr is, it’s not perfect. Through my tries of TumblrTV, sometimes it plays the same gifs over and over again. This bug happens most when you search through a particular blog, but hopefully it will get better over time.

Snapchat Update

If you’ve been on Snapchat you know the deal: you need to hold down your finger (or likely your thumb) in order to view a snap… until now. This new update brings tap to view to Snapchat. No more accidentally letting go of a video snap while it’s playing. Gone are the days of attempting to master the art of taking a screenshot of snap with much difficulty as you fumble and position your three fingers.

It’s going to be hard to break the press-and-hold habit though. I still find myself holding down my screen to view snaps and wondering why nothing’s happening.

Have you surfed through TumblrTV? Are you still holding down your finger for new snapchats? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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