Tweet an Emoji: Get Real Food

What do I order? It’s a common problem a lot of Seamless users find themselves in. As coined by Rob Walker in his book Buying In as “the very good problem,” there are just too many choices.

Luckily for the distraught Seamlesser, Fooji plans to fix that with a very simple concept: tweeting a food emoji.

Here’s how it works.

Before you do anything, you have to create a Fooji account. You create an account by first connecting your Twitter account. After you enter your address and payment info, you’re ready for your first order!

All you need to do to place it is compose a tweet as such:

Then the system recognizes your account and sends you confirmation tweets. No matter what you order, you’re charged $15 flat for it. Fooji then places a mystery order for you via Seamless, and later your¬†food arrives. Like magic. What a time to be alive.

Of course, with the launch of anything new there are bound to be bugs. The first day my friend Emma and I tried it out, they allegedly experienced major issues with Twitter’s emoji support.¬†Their customer service was extremely apologetic and helpful, and after a few DMs they allowed us to cancel.

We gave it a go the next day with the cheeseburger emoji. In about 30 minutes (wow!), we received our delivery. Since our office is in the Garment District, Fooji delivered burgers and fries from Stage Door Diner (an excellent choice).

Unfortunately, there are some limitations. You can’t specify diet restrictions (such as allergies) or any preferences (such as no pickles). But Fooji says it could be possible in the future. For now, delivery is also limited to Manhattan.

There are a ton of food emoji options, some of which are very interesting. We’ll definitely try Fooji again soon. The process of tweeting an emoji and being surprised with a mystery meal makes the whole thing fun!

You can sign up at

Have you tried Fooji? What emoji did you use and what did you get! Leave me some comments below!

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