Attack on Titan Season 2

14 Thoughts from the Season 2 Premiere of Attack on Titan

By Mikey Dunn

After a 3-year, 6-month hiatus, Attack on Titan is finally back with Season 2. This was no April Fools joke — you can catch it on Crunchyroll.

This first episode was very reaction-worthy. It made me ask more questions, admire its animation, and even laugh to myself a few times.

Here are some of those moments and thoughts (contains spoilers):

1. The new OP was good…

giphy (1)

2. … but why were there dinosaurs.

giphy (10)

3. This seemed familiar…

giphy (11) tenor

4. Do NOT mess with Hanji.


5. Me at 3 PM:

giphy (1)

6. That first moment your stomach dropped:


7. This is the one takeaway you need from this episode. He go.

giphy (2)

8. This titan can TALK??

giphy (3)

9. It’s Levi, unamused as per usual.

giphy (6)

10. Smol Eren was ADORABLE.

giphy (5)

11. Oh, hey.

giphy (7)


giphy-downsized-large (1)

13. Miche’s death was devastating. Everything to him was taken away in an instant.

giphy (4)

14. This new CL had very CREEPY music.

giphy-downsized-large (2)

What did you think of this first episode of Season 2? Amazed? Disappointed? I want to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment below, or tweet me!

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