Google Hangouts vs. G-Chat

Google Hangouts vs. G-Chat

By Mikey Dunn

There are two types of people that use Gmail. First, there are people who have switched over to Hangouts and won’t look back. Second, there are those who will stay with “g-chat” forever… at least until Google ultimately forces everyone to convert.

Are you on the fence? Are your colleagues trying to convince you to take the plunge? Or maybe you’re trying to stick to what works? Let’s put them face-to-face.



Tweet an Emoji: Get Real Food

What do I order? It’s a common problem a lot of Seamless users find themselves in. As coined by Rob Walker in his book Buying In as “the very good problem,” there are just too many choices.

Luckily for the distraught Seamlesser, Fooji plans to fix that with a very simple concept: tweeting a food emoji.

Here’s how it works.