Steven Universe fanart by Candace April Lee

Steven Universe: A Review of Stewie Galaxy or Whatever That Show Everyone’s Into is Called

By Candace L., artwork above also by Candace

In this review, I’m going to full-on tackle (and hopefully answer) a question that I’m sure you have probably asked yourself. Situations in which you have asked yourself this question include:

  1. Attending an anime, game, or comic (none of which this series I’m going to be talking about actually is) convention in the last year.
  2. Checking out the Cartoon Network of Now to relive your childhood, but instead inevitably realizing you’ve made a horrible mistake and that you’re super old.

Don’t worry, I will cover that grenade. I will make that sacrifice for you.

Why the fudge pop is Steven Universe such a big deal?

Let me get this out of the way, and just say that if you want to avoid posts that are fraught with OTPs, spoilers, and ridiculous (yet deserved) epithets… then you came to the right place! I’m going to break this sonuvabitch down for you, free of charge. Approved for all audiences? Gather in close, friends, and get comfy.


Google Hangouts vs. G-Chat

Google Hangouts vs. G-Chat

By Mikey Dunn

There are two types of people that use Gmail. First, there are people who have switched over to Hangouts and won’t look back. Second, there are those who will stay with “g-chat” forever… at least until Google ultimately forces everyone to convert.

Are you on the fence? Are your colleagues trying to convince you to take the plunge? Or maybe you’re trying to stick to what works? Let’s put them face-to-face.


Why the Sushi Burrito Meets the Hype


New York City can be known for its trendy food crazes. Macarons and cronuts—in my opinion—are way over-hyped. Now a new contender has entered the New York foodscape: the Sushi Burrito, a creation by Uma Temakeria.

No matter how out-there a new and buzz-worthy food concept may be, I usually try it at least once. Emma, Jenn, and I headed over to Penn Plates (an Urbanspace market) to try it out.


Review: The Starbucks Flat White

Fun fact: I’m actually writing this at my local Starbucks while sipping on a Flat White.

Ew, I need to clean my keyboard. And yeah, I already started sipping it.

If you’ve been on Starbucks’ website, received any email from them, or just went into one of their locations, you’ve probably noticed their latest thing: The Flat White. Being a Starbucks addict, I had to try it at least once. Especially since my dad already had tried it and actually recommended it.

So here I am, sitting the corner of the Starbucks’ bar alone with my MacBook, iPhone, and sipping this mystical beverage. Am I a hipster yet?


8 Reasons To See ‘Into the Woods’

Have you heard of the latest movie sensation Into the Woods? Think of it as a combination of many classic fairy tales, with some singing thrown in. Actually, they sing a lot because it’s a musical (if you weren’t aware).

I was very excited for this movie since I was the narrator in my middle school’s performance of the play. It’s amazing how I can still sing most of the songs after about 8 years! I’m happy to say that the movie is worth seeing, whether you’re new or a fan of the original Broadway show.

Here are 8 reasons why:


Why I Think I’m Obsessed With Target

They first built a Target by my mall, but it was so far away from home. Then they built one a much closer and I go there way too much.

I’ve always liked Target… a lot. I really didn’t know why at first. But after some personal analysis of my experiences, I’ve coming up with some aspects as to way I like it so much.


Target’s official font is Helvetica, and they use it for everything. It’s in their logo, their circulars, their advertising, their signs, website… everything. And Helvetica is my favorite font. It’s clean, modern yet simple. Yes, I like typography, and I once watched a 90 minute documentary on this font, so the fact that Target uses it to its full potential gains it bonus points for me.

Everything’s Red

If you ask someone to associate Target with something, the color red would definitely be a contender. Red is my favorite color. Warm and welcoming.

Its Customers

I once went to a bathroom in Walmart, and there was a cantaloupe lodged in the toilet. Enough said.


Target is clean, organized, bright, modern and welcoming.

Archer Farms

Store-brand food is always the cheapest, but not necessarily the best tasting. Target’s brand, Archer Farms, however, goes against this presumption. Target has some of the best (and healthiest) snacks you can buy, and of course, their Target-exclusive.


Most Target stores have Starbucks locations built into them. This is great if a town doesn’t have a stand-alone Starbucks, but is likely to have a Target built in it. You get two awesome places: a Target + a Starbucks! What does Walmart have? Those nail salons and hair salons no one goes to.