Better Off Alone

Anyone recognize the title of this song? No? Perhaps you should take a listen then…

Now you probably remember! Yup, the good old late ’90s. For some reason this song reminds me or roller skating rinks. Probably because I swear that every time I went to one, they played this song; and when I was only 7 years old I actually went to roller rinks too.

But I like this song, which is weird because it only has two lines of lyrics: “Do you think you’re better off alone? / Talk to me. Ooooooh, talk to me.” But it’s the beat that makes it addicting, similar to how everyone hated Britney Spears’ recent ‘Big Fat Bass’ although I found the beat infectious and enjoyable.

And the music video? Yeah, don’t ask me about it because I’m just as lost as you probably are.

But this song, although originally released in 1998, still sounds fresh. In my car mix-CD, it stands out from even recent hit pop singles. Guess it goes to show that the ’90s not only had good cartoons, but good music.