All the Anime I Watched in 2016

By Mikey Dunn

Let’s face it, 2016 was a bad year in general. But one good thing that came out of the year was the great anime I watched. Definitely a record year (for me at least) in terms of the number of shows I saw in one year.

So now in the order of when I started them, here are all of the anime I watched in 2016 and my thoughts on them.



Initial Thoughts: Prince of Stride: Alternative

By Mikey Dunn

New year, new sports anime.

But Prince of Stride: Alternative is different than most sports anime because its sport — called “stride” — is entirely fictional. It’s like high-tech parkour, which is why this new show is unofficially known as the “running anime.”

I’m now three episodes in, and I’m already thinking that could possibly be the next Free!, Haikyuu!!, or Kuroko no Basuke.

Here are my initial thoughts, and why I’m hooked. (spoiler free)


Why You Should Watch Food Wars

By Mikey Dunn

I was in the manga section in the back corner of my mall’s bookstore, sifting through what they had, and one manga that caught my eye was Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma). I later found out the ongoing manga was insanely popular in Japan, and that an anime adaption was in the works. I added it to MyAnimeList.

The first season just ended this Friday, and it is one of the funniest, strangest, yet most entertaining shows I have recently watched.

Here’s why I think you should watch it! (Spoiler free)


Initial Thoughts: Free! Eternal Summer English Dub

FreeES Dub.001

Yesterday, FUNimation released the first English dubbed episode of Free! Eternal Summer, which I found out thanks to my Tumblr dash. As I scrolled, I saw how the initial fandom reaction ranged from negative to mixed, so after a few posts I had to watch it for myself.

A lot of it was spot on. Of course, I watched all of Free! subbed, so I’m already biased. But nonetheless, here are my thoughts character-by-character: