The Secret Way to Save Money on Broadway Tickets

By Mikey Dunn

Broadway is great, but it isn’t cheap. But if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can snag some discounted tickets to some of the most popular shows, with decent to amazing seats. If you like Broadway, you need to learn the lottery system, which is one of my favorite NYC secrets!



8 Reasons To See ‘Into the Woods’

Have you heard of the latest movie sensation Into the Woods? Think of it as a combination of many classic fairy tales, with some singing thrown in. Actually, they sing a lot because it’s a musical (if you weren’t aware).

I was very excited for this movie since I was the narrator in my middle school’s performance of the play. It’s amazing how I can still sing most of the songs after about 8 years! I’m happy to say that the movie is worth seeing, whether you’re new or a fan of the original Broadway show.

Here are 8 reasons why: