Who is Giorgio Moroder?

Who is Giorgio Moroder?
Credit: Sony/RCA

While everyone was busy watching the Super Bowl, Giorgio Moroder released a new song featuring Kylie Minogue. There’s a good chance you’ll recognize the Australian “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” singer, but just who is Giorgio Moroder?

In two words: a legend.



Is Color-Code Japan’s Answer to Lady Gaga?

J-Pop has a new girl group on the scene, and they call themselves “Color-Code.” Their debut single “I Like Dat” debuted just last September, and as you can hear in the video above, the song is very catchy.

I think they have the potential to become big. Catchy music is one thing, but today you need more than that to become a j-pop sensation. Complete with crazy outfits, the music video definitely has some edge to it.