Watch: The Japan Crate Experience


Japan has some awesome candy (any kind of soda candy is pretty good), and some weird candy, but either can be hard to come by. After discovering Japan Crate from a fellow YouTuber, having the ability to get my hands on some candy from Japan became a lot easier.



Review: Pick Me Up // Relax In The City

Pick Me Up Music Video

While we wait for the World Tour 3rd DVD to finally be released, Yasutaka Nakata has given us another Perfume single. Of course being the Perfume fan that I’ve now become, I had to do a quick review of it.


Is Color-Code Japan’s Answer to Lady Gaga?

J-Pop has a new girl group on the scene, and they call themselves “Color-Code.” Their debut single “I Like Dat” debuted just last September, and as you can hear in the video above, the song is very catchy.

I think they have the potential to become big. Catchy music is one thing, but today you need more than that to become a j-pop sensation. Complete with crazy outfits, the music video definitely has some edge to it.