Part of Me

I kind of took a little hiatus from doing the song picks of the week. I’ve gotta get back into the groove! 🙂

There’s always an artist that benefits from singing a new single on the Grammy Awards. Last year, it was Gaga with Born This Way; this year it’s Katy Perry with Part of Me.

For me, her Grammy performance was my first exposure to the new song from the re-release of her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

Katy Perry's new singleNow I’ll place a little disclaimer: I’m not really much of a Katy Perry fan. I honestly don’t know why, I mean, I love pop music. I love Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, but Ms. Perry never stuck a tune for me.

For example, I downloaded her single E.T. a while ago, and then I got bored of it very quickly. Her songs are catchy, but they don’t have much replay value for me.

This song, however, is what will change my opinion.

Besides her wacky-colored, wavy hair in her Grammy performance, I was hooked to the song (in a good way!) Listen for yourself…

It’s a song with a good beat that pretty much blasts Russel Brand (her ex-husband). Maybe songs about breakups are just what’s best for artists, I mean, look at Adele…

Good song, Ms. Perry. If your next album is composed of Russell-inspired songs, you may have another hit… even with me!


I’m not afraid to admit: I love mainstream music. Every week now, I plan on writing about a current song, and although I primarily enjoy pop, some other genres could be included as well. And just because it’s pop doesn’t mean it’s mainstream either.

My first pick is surprisingly not a Gaga, Rihanna, or Ke$ha hit. It’s Jessie J.

In case you don’t know who she is, she’s the one who sang “Price Tag,” another good song. And she’s British! (That gives her an extra point on my clipboard for some reason. It must be their charm… or their infectious accent.)

Anyway, the reason why I enjoy this new single, “Domino,” is quite odd actually. I like this song because it sounds like Katy Perry, but it isn’t.

And trust me, Katy Perry isn’t even featured on this track: it’s all JJ. Not original? Pfffft! Her vocals make up for it! Take a listen for yourself…

Bright, bouncy, quirky, and summery (it’s a word!), this song will help me though those winter blues and will definitely land on my summer 2012 playlists. For some reason, I can play this song on repeat with no problem; I usually can’t even repeat singles I really enjoy but it’s just a personal quirk.

Ms. J, “Price Tag” made me think you would be a one-hit wonder, but “Domino” made me interested for future singles and a new fan. Bravo!