Relaunching My Blog and My Vlog


Running a personal YouTube vlog channel and WordPress blog is definitely something I want to do, but it certainly has taken me some time to figure how exactly I wanted to do it. Ideas and plans change, and I definitely got busy.

Unfortunately, I stopped making videos and blogging since starting my new job, but now that the graduation ceremony is done and I’m settled at work, it’s about time to relaunch TheMikeyDunn.


Mikey Dunn Returns

The last time I posted on my blog was in August 2012. It’s obviously been a while.

Now that I’m finished with college, I have a little more time on my hands. Well, I still have my internship in New York City, and I’m in the process of job hunting, but no more essays, exams, business simulations, or group projects to worry about.

My degree will come in the mail some time in January. Graduating early is very surreal, and it certainly hasn’t hit me yet. I feel like I’m still on a holiday vacation, and I’ll return to campus at the end of January. When my friends go back to college and I don’t, that’s going to be weird. And my Commencement ceremony is in May, so that itself feels so far away.

But that’s enough talk. So what’s going to happen here since I’ll be writing again?

My plans are to write about otaku things (e.g. anime, Japanese culture, j-pop, etc.), little adventures in New York City, technology, and social media. I’m planning to start vlogging again pretty soon, so new videos will get posted here with a little more behind the scenes content written out on the post. My Tumblr will stay the same: reblogs of anime gifs mostly, but here I’ll actually be writing out thoughts.

Sounds like fun, right? I’ll probably be testing out the waters as I go, but you can expect a post at least once a week!

I’m Mikey Dunn, until next time, I am done. 💁

Vermin Supreme for President?

Vermin Supreme, a presidential candidate in New Hampshire, promises “free ponies for all Americans,” to make “America a sea of white smiles from sea to shining sea,” and to “utilize the use for zombies as energy sources.” It’s legit; he actually in the system and running… O_o

All the original videos that were featured in this MikeyTALK episode are included below 🙂

Question of the Day: Would you vote for Vermin Supreme? Leave me a comment below and it will be featured in the next episode!! 😀

Mikey’s College Life

Wow, it’s been 3 months since the last MikeyTALK episode GURLZ DAY AT THE MALL. Starting now, I’m planning to make more vlogs weekly and release at least SOMETHING on MikeyTALK every Sunday. Sunday’s are good days for videos, especially to the high school and college audience. It’s the time when you put off all the homework and stuff due for Monday, so you end up staying up late Sunday to do it. And then you still procrastinate, or at least take little breaks, here and there. I always end up watching YouTube videos. So yeah, new MikeyTALK every Sunday now. Yay!

So now this episode shall serve as the first of the “college edition” of the series; yup, it’s officially the first MikeyTALK I’ve filmed while at college! When you watch it, you’ll notice the segmented format of the show, which I plan to keep…

Now about how college has been. To say the least, it has been “very good!” I think, out of a lot of people I know, I’m having a super-awesome experience and easy freshman transition. I’ll probably be writing more about college life more in the blog in days to come; I’m so glad that we have a lot of down time at my job. And if I’m lazy with writing, I can at least update you guys with vlogs. Many more vlogs to come! Yay iPhone 4S!

Well, that’s all I have to write for now. I’m Mikey Dunn, until next time, I AM DUNN. (lol)