Relaunching My Blog and My Vlog


Running a personal YouTube vlog channel and WordPress blog is definitely something I want to do, but it certainly has taken me some time to figure how exactly I wanted to do it. Ideas and plans change, and I definitely got busy.

Unfortunately, I stopped making videos and blogging since starting my new job, but now that the graduation ceremony is done and I’m settled at work, it’s about time to relaunch TheMikeyDunn.



Vlog: Mini-Golf & Lizards?

It’s January 2015, and I’m still posting vlogs I filmed last summer during vacation. I got pretty busy during my last semester in college, so I never got around to it until now.

Editing this was fun. Mom sure didn’t like those grits! So many random, funny moments in this vlog encompass the humor of the Dunn family so well.

Just two more days of footage of vacation are left, and then I can get back to vlogging on a normal schedule again!

Are you a mini-golf pro? Or does your ball always end up in some pond or river? Leave me a comment!

The Largest Mall in NJ!

So last Friday, the plan was to go see the movie ‘Chronicle.’ After many plans, text messages, and carpooling plans, we all ended up at the mall one way or another to do some sort of shopping or movie watching.

I went with my pals Derrel and Suki, and this is the vlog that resulted.

Oh Derrel.

And about that movie. So due to ‘Chronicle’ selling out, we had to see ‘Safe House’ instead. I wasn’t very thrilled of having my Mikey-appropriate film upgraded to an R-rated flick, but I went with it.

I’ve got to say, although very violent, the movie was “decently good.” But some of the most interesting things happened before the movie even began.

So it’s commercial/movie trailer time. All of a sudden, during a moment of silence in between trailers, we hear some people arguing behind us.

There were a group of teenaged guys sitting next to each other, and one of the guys had to use the bathroom. The theater was filling up with people really quickly, so he left his coat on the chair to save his seat while he was gone.

Then this lady shows up out of nowhere and plops her butt in the chair; she sat on the chair with someone else’s jacket on it!

Obviously, the guys were not amused, so they start arguing with this rude lady. RIDICULOUSNESS! I think she finally moved after a while.

After a few more trailers, the theater was filled to full capacity. All of a sudden, we hear all of this noise at the back of the room. Everyone turns their heads to see these guys setting up their own chairs that they brought with them! Epic win for their smartness.

Unfortunately, they were asked to leave by flashlight-armed movie theater staff a while later. :/

So that was quite an interesting trip. Oh yeah, those pants I bought are my now favorite jeans. So many memories 🙂

Mikey’s College Life

Wow, it’s been 3 months since the last MikeyTALK episode GURLZ DAY AT THE MALL. Starting now, I’m planning to make more vlogs weekly and release at least SOMETHING on MikeyTALK every Sunday. Sunday’s are good days for videos, especially to the high school and college audience. It’s the time when you put off all the homework and stuff due for Monday, so you end up staying up late Sunday to do it. And then you still procrastinate, or at least take little breaks, here and there. I always end up watching YouTube videos. So yeah, new MikeyTALK every Sunday now. Yay!

So now this episode shall serve as the first of the “college edition” of the series; yup, it’s officially the first MikeyTALK I’ve filmed while at college! When you watch it, you’ll notice the segmented format of the show, which I plan to keep…

Now about how college has been. To say the least, it has been “very good!” I think, out of a lot of people I know, I’m having a super-awesome experience and easy freshman transition. I’ll probably be writing more about college life more in the blog in days to come; I’m so glad that we have a lot of down time at my job. And if I’m lazy with writing, I can at least update you guys with vlogs. Many more vlogs to come! Yay iPhone 4S!

Well, that’s all I have to write for now. I’m Mikey Dunn, until next time, I AM DUNN. (lol)