Vlogging Again

By Mikey Dunn

This vlog was filmed in July, but I didn’t edit or upload it until December. That’s obviously a long time.

It’s been a crazy busy year, and my vlogging and blogging were constantly put on the back burner. But with this vlog, and with 2017 right about the corner, I’m starting again fresh!



Watch: The Japan Crate Experience


Japan has some awesome candy (any kind of soda candy is pretty good), and some weird candy, but either can be hard to come by. After discovering Japan Crate from a fellow YouTuber, having the ability to get my hands on some candy from Japan became a lot easier.



Vlog: Mini-Golf & Lizards?

It’s January 2015, and I’m still posting vlogs I filmed last summer during vacation. I got pretty busy during my last semester in college, so I never got around to it until now.

Editing this was fun. Mom sure didn’t like those grits! So many random, funny moments in this vlog encompass the humor of the Dunn family so well.

Just two more days of footage of vacation are left, and then I can get back to vlogging on a normal schedule again!

Are you a mini-golf pro? Or does your ball always end up in some pond or river? Leave me a comment!